As part of the educational programme arising from the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona he is commissioned to produce 15 paintings on a sporting theme for the Cultural Department of the Government of Catalonia.
Travels to Warsaw, Kalisz and Prague to make some illustrations and designs for Nestlé Poland and Nestlé Czech Republic.
Nestlé Moscow commissions him to design the concept for the largest outside graphic image in Europe for Nescafé. He also works with graphic design studio Primo Angeli in San Francisco, California.
Travels to York, UK to work for Ice Cream Nestlé.
A retrospective of his work (witch includes packaging, illustration and concept board) goes to Europe, the U.S.A., South America, Australia and the Far East.

Graduates in graphic arts from Salesians de Sarrià College in Barcelona. Specialises in figurative painting, printing techniques, engraving, and composition.
Further trains with the traditional painter Josep Maria Baixas, improving his knowledge about painting and drawing.
Opens his own studio in Barcelona. Further develops a mature style with strong lines and bright colours. Works as an illustrator for various publishing houses. Awarded contract from International Belgium Agency A.L.I. which represents him in the United Kingdom. Also works as a cartoonist for the comic “Comando”.edited by D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd.
Makes contact with M. Jean Volckaert, Head of visual communication at Nestle’s central office in Vevey, Switzerland. Through him, Ferran’s work goes across Europe and overseas to North and South America, South Africa, the Middle East, South-east Asia, China, Japan and Australia.
During this period he is invited to participate in several seminars and work-shops in Rive Rein (La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland) as visiting artist.

Recent exhibitions:
June 2005 Galería de Arte Durán Madrid, Spain.  
April 2005 Galeria d'Art Sennacheribbo. Barcelona, Spain.  
January 2005 Galería de Arte Paz Feliz. Madrid, Spain.  
November 2004 Galería Mayte Muñoz. Barcelona, Spain.  
February 2004 Giacomo Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.  
Des 02 /Jan2003 Galería Mayte Muñoz. Barcelona, Spain.  
November 2003 ARTEXPO. Barcelona Art Fair. Spain.  
October 2002 Hall Villarroel Theatre. Barcelona, Spain.  
July 2002 Galería Mayte Muñoz. Barcelona, Spain.  
February 2001 Gallery André Zabbeni. (permanent work) Vevey, Switzerland.  
May- June 1999 Galeria Espai d’Art. Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain.